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Business process automation and optimization.

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For over a dozen years, we have been involved in automating business processes, completing many significant projects in this field. One of our company's well-known products is the dedicated Router PWI solution for the energy industry, with nearly 200 active robots operating on 12 different systems. Close to half of the processes related to changing energy suppliers in Poland are carried out by our robots. Drawing from our experience in producing custom robots, we have created our own RPA tool, BuzzAutomation.

Jakub Łytkowski, CEO of X-Code Sp. z o.o. Team


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Our team consists of experienced specialists who know how to conduct an audit precisely and design comprehensive process automation based on prior client needs analysis. Each thorough analysis allows us to determine whether replacing human work with robot work will bring real benefits.

Our Experience in automating selected processes includes:

  • Extracting data from the payroll system from calculated lists and assigning Task Budgets by department on a daily and monthly basis according to the title of payments.
  • Balancing several-minute “underworks” with “overtimes” in the monthly settlement period.
  • Generating referrals for control tests and sending notifications to employees.
  • Recognizing characters from scanned documents – entering data from invoices.
  • Registering contracts in the CRM system.
  • Processing contracts in the CRM system.
  • Automating the process of changing suppliers.
  • Extracting data from the REGON online database and the Register of Entities Performing Medical Activity.

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Trainings are organized based on prepared materials, in the form of workshops. These practical sessions are led by a qualified robot trainer, adapted to the individual needs of the client.


About us

X-Code Sp. z o.o. is a professional provider of consulting and IT services. The services offered by X-Code are comprehensive, covering the full range: consultations, analysis of business processes, delivery of necessary licenses and equipment, system design and implementation, as well as training and maintenance of the implemented solution. Our implemented systems, in addition to standard functionalities, have solutions designed for individual needs, adapted to industry-specific and business process specifics.

Our competencies:

  • Automation of business processes,
  • RPA solution provider – BuzzAutomation,
  • Microsoft Power Automate,
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM,
  • Microsoft SharePoint,
  • Web applications (Microsoft .NET),
  • Desktop applications (Microsoft .NET),
  • Mobile applications (Xamarin),
  • Sitecore,
  • Genesys,
  • Implementation of interfaces for analytical solutions by SAS Institute,
  • Reporting and analytical solutions based on Microsoft Reporting Services, SAS Institute, Oracle BI, Qlik.

The company was established in September 2008. In 2015, the company joined the EUVIC group (currently 12% ownership).